In this episode of the Stream Queens, Rachel and Marrs catch the paranoia with the (possibly) apocalyptic indie They Look Like People. We talk beautiful bromances, the chilling power of the uncanny when paired with stellar sound design, accurate and nuanced depictions of mental illness in film, and the scariest damn paper bag in cinematic history.

Plus, Marrs gives us an update on all the various spooky doings happening in her neighborhood—you know, the graveyard she lives in. Yep folks, Marrs done moved to the cemetery! It turns out her ghostly roommates refusing to kick in for the rent is the least of her worries.

So, we know they look like people, but ARE they people? Check out Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 15 to find out!

Stay tuned to the outtakes for tales of mystery cats who watch us pee, uninvited dream time visitors, and we get to the bottom of what Marrs’ ghostly friends really want from her.

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