Ahhh, 2016… what a naive time it was. We all complained about it being the worst year, like, evar. If only we had known…

Fortunately, dark times also make for some really compelling horror, as we saw in 2016. The shattered and terrified American (and British!) psyche displayed itself all over our various screens with clashes of religious fundamentalism and female empowerment in The Witch; the shockingly prescient rise of white nationalism hinted at in Green Room; the desperate economic crises leading to horrifying fates in Don’t Breathe; and the dichotomous role of privilege born of beauty—and its crushing vulnerability in a patriarchal world—in The Neon Demon.

Yeah, shit got deep in 2016!

But it wasn’t all metaphors and allegories. We also had a ton of fun with old school spine tinglers like Hush and The Conjuring 2. Also… Zootopia? Yeah, we’ll let Jodie explain herself on that one. Nearly the whole gang assembles to break down our favorite films in the year that was 2016!

We also talk, Mayan Armageddon related math errors, our personal highlights of the year, misbehaving kitties, and come to the deeply distressing realization that one of our favorite horror franchises may in fact be a proto-Twilight. Oh the humanity!

And stay tuned for the outtakes to hear us talk booty shaking and — because no show with Sarah is complete without it — necrophilia and breast milk.

So what topped our list this year? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 47 to find out!

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