more deadly episode 87 the velvet vampire

This time on More Deadly, we discuss The Velvet Vampire, directed by Stephanie Rothman. Look up any list of women-directed horror movies and you will see this film listed as one of the early examples of women stepping behind the camera to get spooky. We break down this trailblazing, surrealistic, and Sapphic classic. 

So, did this film have bite? Or did we want to disappear into the eternal night? Listen to The More Deadly Podcast Episode 87 to find out!

What to watch before the next episode: Blood Diner, directed by Jackie Kong 

In the extended version of this episode for our Patrons, Rachel and Ariel begin their breakdown and discussion of True Detective: Night Country. We talk about how sexuality is presented, theories about what is happening on the ice, and the incredible talents of every woman involved. Support our Patreon to access longer episodes, live shows, and much more!

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