Krampusnacht Party for the Naughty with Trick or Treat Radio

Merry Christmas! We have a (slightly belated) festive surprise for you: Our very special Krampusnact Party for the Naughty Christmas special with our buddies over at Trick or Treat Radio!

On this special holiday bonus episode, worlds collide when Rachel, Matilda, and Sarah invade the Trick or Treat Radio headquarters to celebrate Krampusnact with Johnny Wolfenstein and Michael Ravenshadow.

There are games, confessions, admissions, discoveries (titty buckets!), and of course plenty of holiday spirit (and spirits, ahem at least one of the ZG hosts was a bit overserved)… and so, so much more.

It’s Krampusnact, so get into it. Listen to The Krampusnacht Party for the Naughty with Trick or Treat Radio now!

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