The Untitled Nic Cage Show Episode 2 The Best of Times (1981)

On this episode of The Untitled Nic Cage Show, Rachel and Larry travel back in time, all the way back to the beginning of a very baby-faced Nic Cage’s career, with The Best of Times (1981), a TV pilot that thankfully the internet has never forgotten. Prepare to admire the wonder that is young Nic Coppola and a bonus young Crispin Glover!

This episode is jam-packed! We introduce a new segment called Breaking Cage News where we discuss the latest on the Cage! In Cage Rage we discuss a whole lot of MRA in regards to Masters of the Universe and once again, The Last of Us 2.

And don’t forget to eat your peaches!

Listen to Untitled Nic Cage Show Episode 2 now!

What to watch before the next episode: Valley Girl (1983)

Show notes:
Tiffany Haddish Story
Pig Story
MotU Story
Girlfriend Reviews TLOU2 

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