stream queens podcast episode 42 chills down your spine

On this supersized episode of The Stream Queens, Marrs and Rachel are joined by two very exciting guests, director Mat Kister and cinematographer Deejay Scharton from Dead Lantern Pictures, to discuss their latest horror anthology joint, Chills Down Your Spine. We talk nudie cuties, problematic killer ventriloquist dummies, genie boobies, robo-mummies, Mat’s tick survival techniques, and Deejay’s filmmaking motto of going wide. We also talk about feet, like, a lot — much to Marrs’ horror. And so, so much more.

So, did this movie give us thrills or chills? Check out Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 42 to find out!

Be sure to stay tuned for the outtakes to hear all about the Dead Lantern & The Stream Queens’ plans (to commit multiple felonies) for Goonies II.

What to watch before the next episode: Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

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