The Cast of Ka – Episode 30

the cast of ka episode 30

On this episode of The Cast of Ka, we discuss The Waste Lands – Book Two: Lud – A Heap of Broken Images – Chapter 4 – Town and Ka-Tet 11-25, which basically just recaps everything that has come before, but still manages to give us some interesting new character moments — including Roland 2.0.

This section also gives us the lowdown on Blaine the Mono, Midworld’s very own Charlie the Choo Choo that breaks the sound barrier and may still be running if they can get to it before Jake gets spotted by some Pubes. Yeah, so nothing to worry about here. Ahem.

For all this and more, listen to The Cast of Ka: Episode 30

WHAT TO READ BEFORE EPISODE 31: The Waste Lands – Book Two: Lud – A Heap of Broken Images – Chapter 5 – Bridge and City 1-10

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