the cast of ka podcast episode 28

On this episode of The Cast of Ka, we discuss The Waste Lands – Book One Jake – Fear In A Handful of Dust – Chapter 3 – Door & Demon 26-44, which just so happens to feature one of the most iconic scenes from the the book series. So, what I am saying is, prepare for Rachel and Deejay to geek all the way out on this one. We talk metaphorical birth scenes, debate how door demons work, and even get a little biblical up in here. We also read some amazing listener mail that totally changed how Rachel sees the DT universe.

For all that and more, listen to The Cast of Ka: Episode 28

WHAT TO READ BEFORE EPISODE 29: The Waste Lands – Book Two: Lud – A Heap of Broken Images – Chapter 4 – Town and Ka-Tet 1-10

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