the cast of ka podcast episode 26

On this episode of The Cast of Ka, we discuss The Waste Lands – Book One Jake – Fear In A Handful of Dust – Chapter 3 – Door & Demon 1-15. And folks, the most important thing in the entire series happened: We met billy bumblers. Sure, the existence of all living things throughout the entire multiverse hangs in the balance, but let’s be real. Billy. Bumblers.

We also talk about Eddie’s nervous breakdown, the effect that childhood has had on our heroes, the bonding effect of literally taking a stroll through someone’s mind, and why this chapter proves exactly why The Dark Tower is not your standard run of the mill fantasy epic. We get our first *gasp* bad review and Rachel also gets very cranky about things to come.

For all that and more, listen to The Cast of Ka: Episode 26

WHAT TO READ BEFORE EPISODE 27: The Waste Lands – Book One: Jake – Fear in a Handful of Dust – Chapter 3 – Door and Demon 16-25

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