stream queens episode 25 truth or dare 2017

On this episode of the Stream Queens, Marrs and Rachel review Truth or Dare (2017). We talk wenis trauma, gaping plot holes, soda pop survival skills, and why you never let the doctor in the group sacrifice himself in a murder game — come on, man, every one knows that!

We also discuss childhood truth or dare memories (or lack thereof), forever shame spirals, and how we would die in the game of demon truth or dare.

So, what did we really think of Truth of Dare (2017)? Check out Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 25 to find out!

What to watch before the next episode: Await Further Instructions

Stay tuned to the outtakes to delve even deeper into our thalassophobia (zing! pun intended), listen to Marrs do literal bodily harm to Rachel, and learn something about one of the hosts that legit shocked the other.

Show notes:
Shark gif WTF! <- sorry folks I can’t find it and honestly, I’m too scared to keep looking!
Soresport Movies’ review of Truth or Dare (2017)

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