the cast of ka episode 25

On this episode of The Cast of Ka, strange things are afoot in the Tom and Jerry’s Artistic Deli lot. We break down The Waste Lands – Book One Jake – Fear In A Handful of Dust – Chapter 2 – Key and Rose 16-23. In this section, Jake comes face to face with a cosmic flower, gets a key, and catches a raging case of Tower Fever… for which there is only one cure.

We also talk about creepy trains and their crocodile tears, and Rachel is shocked to discover Deejay’s passionate hatred of roses. Could this mean he’s secretly Randall Flagg? To find out, listen to The Cast of Ka: Episode 25

WHAT TO READ BEFORE EPISODE 26: The Waste Lands – Book One: Jake – Fear in a Handful of Dust – Chapter 3 – Door and Demon 1-15

Original Charlie and Choo Choo artwork

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