zombie grrlz horror podcast episode 30 black swan and mother

On this episode, the Zombie Grrlz decided to really put our ourselves through it with an Aronofsky double feature: Black Swan and Mother! It’s about to get deep, biblical, and slightly traumatic up in here. I guess what I am saying is… Matilda picked the movies this time.

But seriously, we have a really great conversation about the innate body horror of dance, what it means to be a muse (and why it’s so messed up), and why “separating art from the creator” is bullshit.

We also talk about the glorious mane that lives atop Natasha Lyonne’s head in Russian Doll, disappointing horror musicals, true Norwegian black metal, and the horror documentary everyone needs to see ASAP, Horror Noire,

Plus, stay tuned for the outtakes to get a peek at just how how we conduct business at ZGHQ (unprofessionally) and why Rachel’s new sexual preference involves savory pastry.

So, did these movies really dance, or having us crying out for our mothers? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 60 to find out!

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