stream queens episode 23 the mind's eye

On this episode of the Stream Queens, Marrs and Rachel review a listener’s suggestion: The Mind’s Eye (2015). We talk about the intense grimace fighting, awkward sex scenes, and oh-so-glorious geysers of blood. We also discuss what this movie has — or rather doesn’t have — to say about other’s sense of entitlement to women’s bodies, the charm of Larry Fessenden, and why this movie gave us raging practical effects boners. We also figure out which of us will survive our coming climate apocalypse.

So, did we want to put this movie all up in our minds’ eyes? Or did we want to crush it with our mind brains? Check out Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 23 to find out!

What to watch before the next episode: The Boy

Stay tuned to the outtakes to experience the most terrifying thing ever to take place on the Stream Queens in real time. You have been warned.

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