episode 59 shameholes

On this episode, the Zombie Grrlz face something far more intense than fear, something that really makes the blood run cold. I am talking about shame. Or more specifically, shameholes, aka movies we know we should have seen in the past, you know the essential-must-watch-oh-my-god-how-do-you-have-a-horror-podcast-if-you-havent-seen-this-movie movies. But hey, give us a break, life gets busy and sometimes movies slip through the cracks. Well, no longer! New year, new us, which means we are finally going to check out the horror films we’ve been meaning to see forever (and that you voted on).

We also talk New Year’s resolutions, outlaw justice, the awesomeness of James Spader, and our complicated feelings about ogling a half-naked Jason Momoa. Plus, stay tuned for the outtakes for a different kind of shamehole talk…

So, did we conquer our shame or just go deeper into that dark hole? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 59 to find out!

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