We did it! We survived 2018. Honestly, that feels like a real accomplishment. While the times were tough, there was one area where 2018 really shined: Horror. And especially women in horror. From Coralie Fargeat’s stunning debut feature film Revenge, to the triumphant return of Laurie Strode, to Toni Collette’s exquisitely beautiful and terrifying performance in Hereditary, the ladies were getting it done this year. So, of course, the ZG gang got together to reminisce about the year that was 2018 and all the things we loved most about it.

Also amazing this year… Nic Cage! Seriously, folks, we are living in the age of the Cageaissance and the Zombie Grrlz are here for it.

In this episode, we run down our top 10 horror movies this year. We also discuss another year of stellar horror TV and limited series. We talk about what trends stood out in horror in 2018 and what we are looking forward to next year. Also, Rachel bums everyone out with another — ahem — confession.

Plus, stay tuned for the outtakes to hear Rachel be a creeper, Matilda being young and hip, and, of course, butt stuff.

So, what movies made the ZG best of list? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 58 to find out!

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