In this episode, we brush up on our español with reviews of two Spanish films: The Orphanage and Julia’s Eyes. We talk disability in horror, creepy children and old men, and, of course, the magnificence of actor Belen Rueda, who stars in both films.

We also talk Ariel’s talent for getting skunked, Matilda’s talent for accidentally watching very sexy movies with her mom, Rachel’s extremely troubling crushes — and unrelated butt cheek woes — and Jodie living her best life of beards and hangovers. And so, so much more. This is quite the episode, folks.

And stay tuned for the outtakes for more zesty details of Ariel’s skunk run in.

So, did we put these movies up for adoption? Or are we happy we put ’em in our eyeballs? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 56 to find out!

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