On this episode of The Cast of Ka, we continue our journey through the Waste Lands — and man oh man are things starting to get good.

We talk about a bittersweet death (RIP robo-bear), paradoxes of the mind, ancient aliens in Midworld, and worry that Roland is a flat earther. Plus, we celebrate the return of North Central Positronics to our life, and we get some action and some world building, so both Rachel and Deejay are very happy this week.

We close out the show with an epic connection to the Stephen King Universe and the latest news update on the Dark Tower series. Also, for the first time, we really delve into some MAJOR spoilers, so stay tuned to the very end of the show for a no-holds-barred spoiler section where we discuss Walter’s final taunt to our boy Roland.

Listen to The Cast of Ka: Episode 20

The World Turtle
Rachel’s fever dream
Deejay’s fever dream
The Dark Tower lives!

WHAT TO READ BEFORE EPISODE 21: The Waste Lands – Book One Jake – Fear In A Handful of Dust – Chapter 1 – Bear and Bone sections 16-25

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