In this episode, we learn two very important lessons: Always, always use a safe word and “Sometimes you have to be a high riding bitch to survive, sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hang on to.” Preach sister, preach.

That’s right folks, we’re digging in two of Stephen King’s most — dare we say? — feminist films (Dear universe, can we please get a Rose Madder movie already? Just sayin’): Dolores Claiborne and Gerald’s Game.

Before we get to review’n, the gang talks Santa Cruz serial killers, Ariel commits blasphemy, Matilda makes fun of Rachel’s involuntary (dammit!) movie theater antics, and we learn what time of year Alcatraz has a full on Amityville experience. Since we seem to all come down with King fever, we also talk about IT, 1922, Pet Sematary, and season one of Mr. Mercedes.

In our reviews, we also discuss the terror of aging (fun!), Mike Flanagan’s gift for feminist film making, and, of course, we talk at length about the divine Kathy Bates. She’s a national treasure, folks, and we don’t deserve her.

So, were these movies the grand poobah of the crack of our ass? Or are we taking them the the bone yaaaaad? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 54 to find out!

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