In Episode five, Rachel, Hurley, Marrs, and a cube of wine do their best to unpack all the goodies in this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Eastwatch.

Real question: Did someone at HBO sit on the fast forward button? Because in a season that has already been speeding along, this episode seemed to go to ludicrous speed. While that meant our feelings about portions of this installment were mixed, overall it was another super-fun episode in a great season of our favorite show. The gals (aka just Rachel) marvel over the shape of Dragonstone, welcome the return of our second-favorite bastard, shake our fists at Sansa, and Marrs sings… a lot.

We also learn what passes for Viagra in Westeros, how to get to second base with The Dragon Queen, and imagine what high school was like in the seven kingdoms. And, of course, there is the mandatory Tormund’s-beard-lovefest. Hey, who knows how much longer we’re going to get to enjoy that ginger treasure. Let us have this while we still can!

Listen to The Dames of Castamere: Episode 5

Dragonstone looks like a dragon, yo!
Game of Jones
Emilia Clark reads fan theories

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