In episode six, Rachel, Hurley, and Marrs pull themselves out of a pit of despair to review this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Beyond the Wall.

Season seven continues its trend of delivering epic, if frustrating, episodes. We ring our hands over the unnecessary sibling rivalry taking over Winterfell—which is letting Littlefinger get his… well… little finger between the Stark girls. Fortunately, things are much more enjoyable north of the wall, where all our favorite anti-heroes are playing conversational musical chairs (who’s ready for the “Tormund and the Hound Detective Agency” spin off? Yeah, us too!)

We also talk about how to drink bourbon, zombie polar bears, the Night’s King’s psychic powers, the greatest coat ever created, and the even greater love story… and, no, we aren’t talking about Jon and Dany. And of course, try as we might to avoid it, we discuss this week’s heart-obliterating death. If you need us, we’ll be over here in the corner loudly weeping.

Listen to The Dames of Castamere: Episode 6

Mystery face
Beric DONGdarion

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