Well hello there… and welcome to The Dames of Castamere, our very special spin-off miniseries about season seven of Game of Thrones! Joining Rachel to talk all things Westeros are Jodie from the Zombie Grrlz, Marrs from The Stream Queens, and introducing Game of Thrones super fan, Hurley! Together we will recap, review, and process all our feelings about this season of Game of Thrones—as well as indulge in some good old crackpottery! (Varys is a merman and Tyrion is a time traveling fetus, and you can’t tell us otherwise!)

Also, a special thank you to Jason Taboada for letting us use his cover of The Rains of Castamere for our theme!

This week Jodie and I kick off the show with some predictions of what to expect this season and delve deep into the interwebz to look for the most insane fan theories we can find. I am then joined by Marrs and Hurley to recap the episode. We revel in the awesomeness of the women of Westeros, cheer for our favorite top-knot-hating Clegane, and Marrs falls in lust with one swashbuckling, eye-liner sporting psychopath. Also, Rachel forcefully makes predictions that are immediately proven wrong, Hurley brings some early season knowledge thunder, and Marrs is forced to confront some pretty dark stuff about her libido.

Listen to The Dames of Castamere: Episode 1

Show Notes For Episode 1:
Dany gets a zombie army of her own
Merman Varys
Jon and the Ice Dragon
Jamie is the true Prince that was Promised
Umm, are those White Walkers on a field a grass??
Book Sam is reading about dragon glass which may contain the cure for greyscale

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The Dames of Castamere’s Theme Music is “Rains of Castamere” performed by Jason Taboada.