In this episode of the Stream Queens, Rachel and Marrs arise from metaphorical crashing seas to review Let Us Prey. We also discuss barbed wire garments, the undeniable handsomeness of Liam Cunningham, and the appeal of romancing the Devil.

As this is Marrs’ first episode officially recording from the “Land of Port” in Oregon it’s fitting that she also explains why she fears that one day she will be carried off by a platoon of raccoons. We also declare our harbinger animals, which will alert the world we’ve been summoned from the depths of the ocean, Cthulhu-style. Rachel confesses her boozy guilty pleasures, and Marrs talks spooky theme parks and her various childhood traumas courtesy of animated animals.

So, did we fall prey to Let Us Prey? Check out Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 16 to find out!

Stay tuned to the outtakes for the pitfalls of Marrs’ new recording “studio.”

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