After a bit of an impromptu holiday break, we’re back and ready to dig into one of our favorite things here at Zombie Grrlz HQ: Motherhood horror. Explodey Jo, who selected this episode’s films, is joined by Rachel, Sarah, and Ariel for a discussion of The Hand that Rocks the Cradle and Mother’s Day (2010). Way back in episode 29, we explored the theme of reluctant motherhood, but this time around it’s about the polar opposite—when the the maternal instinct is too strong. Dark stuff, folks. Dark. Stuff.

We also cover topics including, but not limited to: corpse humping, Westworld, podcasts we’re obsessed with, Ariel’s forever technical difficulties, and we even get our very own theme songs courtesy of one of our awesome listeners. Plus, Sarah breaks our collective hearts with bummer tales of Bill Murray.

So, were these films the movie equivalent of birth control? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 46 to find out!

Show Notes:
If Famous Movies Were Feminist
Listener Mail – If people listened to the women in horror movies
The Zombie Grrlz Spotify list

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