For this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, Rachel and Marrs geek out over spectral hands and secret-room-creepers with our review of The Pact. We discuss how to incorporate technology into horror for maximum spooky impact, debate the actual meaning of “the pact,” and why movie twists are totally wasted on Detective Marrs, narrative gumshoe extraordinaire.

We also talk ghostly felines, Japanese cupboard hobos, our shared lust over fat Haley Joel Osment (call us, Haley!), and the pros and (mostly) cons of living in a graveyard… which is a real thing that Marrs’ mom actually does.

So, did our friendship survive this review or is this the movie that finally tears us apart? Check out Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 14 to find out!

Stay tuned to the outtakes for an Easy Cheese related confession and the reveal of our T.M.I. boundaries (spoiler alert: there aren’t any).

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