In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we head the backwoods of Moldova for a review of They’re Watching. We talk amphibian symbolism, how to spot a witch in three easy steps, why Ivan is the MVP of this movie, and we put the Marrs Rule to the test again (spoiler alert: It holds up!).

We also talk about which reality TV shows would make for great horror movies, how to bleed in public with panache, and why Marrs suspects she is evolving… into an alien?

So, was (in Ivan voice) “only They’re Watching, best They’re Watching?” Or was it just a pile of crummy found footage frogs? Check out Stream Queens Horror Podcast Episode 12 to find out!

Stay tuned to the outtakes to hear us discuss our afterlife plans, dog testicles, and some butt crack shenanigans.

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