In this episode, Rachel is joined by Marrs and special guest Bierly to review our most anticipated movie of the summer, the all-female led Ghostbusters reboot. As if that weren’t exciting enough, we also took our show on the road with our first-ever episode recorded in “Studio B” (aka Rachel’s car) so that we could give our thoughts both before and after the movie.

The crew geeks out over the cast; the many homages to the originals that worked—and one they wish had been included; the comic genius of Chris Hemsworth; plus they get overly excited about of seeing most of the cast of the criminally under-seen Other Space show up in the movie. We also learn which episode of The Real Ghostbusters traumatized Rachel as a kid, Bierly shares a shocking opinion about national treasure Bill Murray, and Marrs confronts her greatest fear in the theater: Other people’s feet.

Be sure to stay tuned to the outtakes to hear what consummate podcast professionals sound like when they are really nailing their craft. Ahem.

So, did bustin’ make us feel good this time around? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 41 to find out!

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