(Spoiler Warning: Everything that has happened in Game of Thrones up to season 6, episode 10 is fair game in this episode, as well anything from the books, or internet fan theories.)

There’s no arguing that the second half of season six of Game of Thrones was epic, so we thought it only makes sense that our recap would be epic, too… especially long, that is. You want to hear us geek out over the return of everyone’s favorite Clegane, you got it. You want to hear us sigh over Sansa’s infuriatingly bad choices, it’s here. You want to hear us go crackpot and dig into the minutiae of the books prophecies, then guess what, you’ve come to the right place. And much, much, much, MUCH, more. So what I’m getting at is, it’s pretty full-on geek here.

We also dig into some recent (and not so recent releases) with reviews of Happy Valley, Bullhead, and Strange Calls.

So, are we still wandering around north of The Wall or did hop on Dany’s fleet to Game of Thrones geekdom and glory? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Bonus Episode to find out!

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