In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we dig into the some Southern noir with a review of Jim Mickle’s genre-bender Cold In July. We discuss awesome retrowave synth scores, paternal ambiguity, the delightfulness of one Mr. Don Johnson, and show our appreciation for Michael C. Hall’s understated and period-appropriate mullet.

We also share what kind of adventure we want to befall us, Rachel spots z-list celebs at Cat Con, we debate if life really is over at 30 like a millennial recently informed Marrs, and Rachel dishes on what.. ahem… intimate service she would be interested in paying for.

So, were we hot for Cold In July or did make us want to go on a vigilante justice rampage? Check out this episode as part of our Patreon!

Stay tuned for the outtakes to hear Marrs time travel and she explains why she watches movies in the theater in the fetal position.

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