In this week’s episode of the Stream Queens, we engage in some good old fashioned heresy with our review of Black Death. We discuss Eddie Redmayne’s inexplicably sexy tonsure, all the buboes, and Rachel confesses her nearly life-long obsession with the Black Plague.

We also learn all about Marrs’ witchy connection to Salem, why a bourbon hangover is like fighting with your B.F.F., and discover the true origin of all the world’s evils…spoiler alert… it’s fleas! All while suffering through an insanely humid California heat wave. In other words, this episode is hot… and not in a sexy way, but in a peel-your-ass-off-a-hot-car-seat way.

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Stay tuned for the outtakes for an insight into what a creepy-ass, death-obsessed kid Marrs was, and our brains finally melting down in the California heat.

Show Notes:
Here’s a link to our new mascot, courtesy of Scott from The Last Horrorcast… introducing… The Fighting Sea Bees!!

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