In this episode Rachel, Ariel, and Matilda brave some good old fashioned backwoods horror—with a Neo-Nazi twist—with our review of Green Room. The girls also reminisce about their misspent baby punk (or baby goth) youth, and how this movie gets the dark side of the hardcore scene terribly, terribly right.

Also, Rachel gets her feminist dander all up in a tizzy over Captain America: Civil War. Ariel blows our minds with her ability to avoid spoilers (speaking of which: spoiler warning for episode 6.2 of Game of Thrones at 6:06-7:05, if, like Ariel, you’ve lived under a rock for the last year!). We also talk being bad ass enough to watch horror movies for breakfast, have strong feelings about Stephen King adaptations, and read some killer listener feedback.

So, did we escape the Green Room with all our limbs intact? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Episode 39 to find out!

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