For this episode of the Stream Queens, we dive deep into Marrs’ greatest fear, sharks, with our review of the most terrifying film ever to premiere on Animal Planet, 12 Days of Terror. Hey, they can’t all be winners, right? We talk practical shark effects, scantily clad lady ankles, and debate exactly how much John Rhys Davies must owe the IRS.

Also, Marrs continues to blow us away with her super human healing powers—this time with her untreated brown recluse bite! We find out what it would take to get Marrs in the ocean with a shark, Harry Potter comes up a shocking number of times, and we get some awesome audio feedback!

So, did we survive 12 Days of Terror or did we leap into an open great white shark’s mouth just for the sweet release from boredom? Check out this episode as part of our Patreon!

Stay tuned for the outtakes for… um… on second thought, maybe don’t because fair warning, it’s especially NSFW this week. Sorry in advance.

Show Notes:
Here’s a link to the shark video referenced on this episode… still so upsetting!

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