Happy Friday the 13th! To celebrate this momentous date, Marrs and Rachel review a movie about a killer immortal who lies in wait in the woods to invade the craniums of unsuspecting, nubile, and sexually frustrated young Americans, with our review of … The Shrine.

OK, fine… it’s a stretch, but stick with us because this is gonna be a fun one!

Along with demonic murder-cults of the Eastern Block (and how Marrs’ dream man is probably there right now harvesting various meats), the Stream Queens duo talk about spooky places they hung out as ne’er-do-well teens, growing up in Bigfoot country, and Marrs barely survives an office haunting that was probably just an open window. The struggle is real, people!

So, did we build our own spooky demon shrines to The Shrine? Or were we eager to let this one slip back into the forgotten mists of Netflix? Check out this episode as part of our Patreon!

Stay tuned for the outtakes to find out what Marrs wants in a partner, plus a major deal breaker, and Rachel unveils her secret talent—and its vomitus demise.

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