Well folks, you’re in for a treat because this week’s episode of Stream Queens is wall-to-wall demonic polyglots, unhinged lady-jaws, and even some good old fashioned (revolting) molting with our review of the found footage shocker The Taking of Deborah Logan.

Also in this episode: Emergency barf sleeves, a solitary boob makes a shocking jail break, and we learn the meaty secret of immortality that the government doesn’t want you to know!

So, did our diabolical duo make hissssstory (see what we did there?) or just develop raging cases of ophidiophobia? Check out this episode as part of our Patreon!

Stay tuned for the outtakes for fun facts about reptilian penises, Marrs goes all NPR on our asses, and we learn what word you should never say to her—ever. (Hint: It rhymes with “neat”.)

Show Notes:
Here is the link to the hidden images in The Taking of Deborah Logan:
Hidden Imagery in The Taking of Deborah Logan Will Give You Nightmares

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