Marrs and Rachel return for this week’s episode of Stream Queens where we have a bloody good time down ‘unda with a review of the horror comedy 100 Bloody Acres.

Redneck high jinks, sibling rivalry, human grinding (of the non-sexy variety), and unexpected elder oral abound. We are also introduced to the world’s foremost topiary pet Charles William Livingston III, talk eating (probably human) mystery mail jerky, and Marrs receives some Iditarod related fan mail.

This one is short and sweet folks, so join us for our review of 100 Bloody Acres as part of our Patreon!

Oh and stay tuned for the outtakes to enter Marrs’ beautiful, zootopian mind and for our real-time thoughts on the virtual reality porn revolution.

Show Notes:
Here is the link to the video we are watching in the outtakes which is NSFW:
Virtual Reality Sex Suit Has Arrived (VIDEO)

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