The Zombie Grrlz have officially gone “network” with our very first spin-off show, Stream Queens! Rachel is joined by a brand new co-host, Marrs, a self-professed streaming horror junkie who’s excited to talk all about the instant gratification of digital fright flicks.

For our inaugural episode, Marrs chose the oh-so-creepy voyeuristic slasher, The Den. Extreme crackpottery and paranoia ensues.

We also learn all about Marrs’ extensive mail order weapons armory (don’t worry, she hasn’t murdered anyone… yet), Rachel is convinced someone is living in her crawl space, and both hosts don their shiniest tinfoil hats as they discuss how Big Brother’s all-seeing eyes are everywhere, even … GASP … in our TVs.

OK, so it’s not the sanest hour, folks, but it is fun!

Join us for our review of The Den as part of our Patreon! That is unless faceless government agents haven’t already circumvented the ZG mainframe’s firewall and erased it forever… but that would be crazy, right? RIGHT?

Show Notes:
Here are links to the news stories we referenced on this episode
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I couldn’t save my child from being killed by an online predator

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