In this episode, the ZG crew jumps in the way-back machine again to dig up a previously unreleased episode! The whole gang has assembled to review the controversial teen cautionary tale Megan is Missing.

We also gush over the brand spanking new movie… Cabin in the Woods… ahem; Rachel tries to defend the Ghost Rider sequel; and Matilda tells us all about her trip the Pacific North West — which, because it’s Matilda, was wall to wall hipsters; xenomorph genitalia, riot grrl history, and even a slice of disappointing cherry pie from the Double R Diner.

So, did we feel exploited or forewarned by Megan is Missing? Listen to Zombie Grrlz Episode 34 to find out!

Oh, and don’t forget to stay tuned to the outtakes for a shocking amount of dirty talk from Jodie and Matilda shows us how to ring a doorbell in an… err… unconventional way!

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