Sure, motherhood can be rewarding and wonderful and all, but there is a darker side to all those maternal feelings. In part one of our new Motherhood Horror series, we tackle the concept of “reluctant mothers” with reviews of Mama and The Lords of Salem.

We also talk feral children, moth eating, bad wigs, merkin budgets, Rob Zombie hatred syndrome, metal chicks and c*nty witches. Rachel reviews the indie flick Resolution, and the board game Pandemic. Ariel grosses Rachel and Jodie out with talk of shower spiders and Jodie gives us her long awaited thoughts on the Evil Dead remake and how badass the latest season of Game of Thrones has been. Spoiler: TOTALLY BAD ASS!

Stay tuned for the outtakes to hear the real reason Matilda loves the zoo, learn the drinking game that will have you tipping your 40oz to Jim Henson, and Rachel… well… you’ll just have to listen.

Feast your ears on the Zombie Grrlz Episode 29!

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