It was inevitable! Now is the time in Zombie Grrlz Podcast history where we attempt to take on the Scream franchise. Rachel, Sarah and Matilda attempt this this lofty goal, which we meet to varying degrees of success. Mostly we just laugh at the styles of the ’90s, confess our allegiance to Gale Weathers and lament the very existence of Scream 3.

In this episode we also discuss the Evil Dead remake, the TV miniseries Top of the Lake and the (kinda racist) season two and three of The Walking Dead.

Stay tuned for the outtakes to hear Rachel’s cat sexually assault the linens, Matilda relays the shocking danger of traveling with knitters, Sarah shares the tale of the “inappropriate licker” and Rachel draws a firm line the sexy-time sand.

Feast your ears on the Zombie Grrlz Podcast Episode 28!

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