So, this is pretty exciting! The latest episode of the oh-so-fabulous Explodey Files is now up featuring most of the ZG crew! Ariel and I joined Sarah and Jo for a discussion of Home. The result: whatever the opposite of “classing up the place” is, we did that! Needless to say F-bombs, inbreeding chat and sexy British accents abound!

Check out the deets from Dead Lantern below:

“We are joined by Rachel and Ariel from and Joanna from to discuss a highlight from season 4. We celebrate reaching the minor milestone of 75 episodes by discussing the wonderfully dark and gruesome ‘Home’, and plans for the female answer to The Motherfuckin’ Round Table of Man: “The Mammary Lounge”.

Stay tuned to hear a short (spoiler heavy) discussion on Game of Thrones, and a stinger that features the rest of us having some fun at Rachel’s expense. Download ‘Home’