We’re baaack! Since we had so much fun talking about all things Ripley in the previous episode we thought we’d have another go at one of our favorite horror (adjacent) leading ladies, Agent Clarice Starling!

We talk cannibalism (obvs), transgender representation in films, death by curling iron in the lady parts and childhood FBI aspirations.

Plus, we discuss The River, discover Rachel’s super power (which she happily abuses) and  discover the word that is (practically) the most fun you can have with your mouth.

Stay tuned to the outtakes to hear a spontaneous nicotine fit occur in real time, learn of Rachel’s secret plushy passion and Explodey Jo gives us the behind the scenes goods on her interview with William B. Davis aka The Cigarette Smoking Man!

Come get feministy with us on the Zombie Grrlz Podcast 26!

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