We’ve threatened this episode for three years and at long last it’s finally here: The Ripley Special. Rachel, Ariel, Matilda and Explodey Jo discuss our all time fave horror heroine Ellen Ripley as we take on the the Alien Quadrilogy. And clocking in at an epic three frickin’ hours, we clearly have have a whole lot to say about the scourge of xenomorph kind.

We talk space horror, Freud, bad French accents, the shame of Ron Pearlman, wandering uteri, intergalactic body fluids and why Sigourney Weaver is a feminist icon.

Plus, we forever strike Resurrection from Alien canon. Yep, it’s official, Alien Resurrection is out. Sorry, Joss.

Stay tuned to the outtakes to hear us taking in the horror that is xenomorph genitals, rape-y alien fan art and Rachel telling the worst joke in Alien history.

Come get feministy with us on the Zombie Grrlz Podcast Episode 25!

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