Oh wow, where to begin? We really swing for the fences on this one.

In episode 23 Rachel, Summer, Ariel, Sarah, Matilda and Explodey Jo talk intergalactic, murderous loogies, deadly date rape, Bill Moseley’s aggressive eyebrows, juvenile delinquents and the awesomeness of Shawnee Smith—with our review the fantastic remake of The Blob. We also debate the hotness (or lack there of) of vampire sex, Rachel does several bad accents, one ZG shares how The Blob helped shape her sexuality and since we’re oh-so-fancy, we talk popular (apocalyptic) fiction.

Along with all the other goodies you’ve come to expect (including what is probably our best voice mail ever), Sarah introduces a new segment: the Netflix streaming anti-pick. She takes one for the team to help you dodge the myriad of crapstastic horror bullets that await you in the depths of the Netflix. She’s just that cool.

Plus, stay tuned for the outtakes to hear Explodey Jo make cussing sound cultured, listen to Rachel get vindicated as well as confessing to lite breaking and entering (not really) and Sarah’s expert opinion on Summer’s infamous…ahem…duo.

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