I can’t believe it took us so long to to get around to this undead punk rock masterpiece, but in Episode 21 we are finally taking on Return of the Living Dead—and fighting epic hangovers to boot!

Joining Summer, Ariel, Sarah and I and making their Zombie Grrlz debuts are Explodey Jo who brings the British thunder all the way from the UK and, representing thug life in Oakland is Matilda whose mortuary and ’80s pop culture knowledge make for an episode that’s 100 percent less bullshit than our usual fare.

We also unveil our hangover cures, denounce rubber merkins and give away the secret of my Star Wars-themed (and guaranteed to get you naked-wasted) recipe for Calrissian Cooler.

Stay tuned for the outtakes for the epic Summer-led “unfuckening,” tales of Japanese toilet seats and general hangoveredness.

Show notes: Check out the Linnea Quigley undead fitness video that Matilda so kindly unearthed from the darkest and most ironic corner of YouTube:

Please to enjoy the Zombie Grrlz Podcast 21!

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