This week I had the distinct (and five-hour) pleasure of joining the gang over at the Movies About Girls podcast to talk lezzie psychopaths, projectile vomit and crack rock trails for their Freeway II: Confessions of Trick Baby. Or as they describe it:

Movies About Girls Podcast Episode 108

Another ball-gasmically awesome episode of the internet’s wildest party awaits you!

Tonight, the gang takes on 1999’s hair-raising Freeway II: Confessions of a Trick Baby. It’s about puking and murder. Also it’s a fairy tale. Also it’s got Vince Gallo in a dress. And everybody’s favorite crazy girl, Natasha Lyonne!

Plus:  the top 5 bottom 5 DVDs of the week, weird news, Songs about Girls, Hits from Hell, and lots more!

I had an absolute blast! So, be sure to check it out to hear the debut of my AMAZING intro song, find out what movie I once walked out of the theater during (hint it was rated X), strip club shenanigans and the last time I played dress up.