Vaginas, can’t live with ’em… can’t survive an attacking one—apparently.

In episode 18 Summer, Ariel, our fabulous guest host Lisa, and Rachel get deep (see what I did there… sigh…yes, I am ashamed of myself for that one) into lady parts horror and castration fear discussing the 2007 vagina dentata spectacular Teeth and David Cronenberg’s Vampire-Zombie-Armpit-Vagina-Phallus epic, Rabid.

Episode 18 also sees the return of the news segment, now lead by Ariel, and back by popular demand is video game talk with guest host Randiskull! Plus, the girls discuss why Cronenberg films feel like a bad touch, the uncanny valley, and they call out Hollywood for turning all our actors into the freaks from Escape from L.A.

Plus, stay tuned for the outtakes to find out why partying with Lisa is not for the squeamish and what Summer wants for her birthday (hint: it involves a box and Justin Timberlake).

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