We love us some Jennifer Carpenter round these parts, and in Episode 17 we celebrate her stunning breakthrough role as the demon possessed in The Exorcism of Emily Rose! (FYI: The premiere of season 5 of Dexter *cannot* come fast enough!) And do battle with the newly unleashed (and surprisingly divisive) The Last Exorcism, a mockumentry supernatural thriller in theaters now. 

Summer tries to steer us off topic with some Jersey Shore talk, we all lose our minds in anticipation of The Walking Dead, we debate Shyamalan situation and Ariel confesses her shameful love of the American remake of a Japanese classic that’s so bad even its mother wouldn’t love it.

Plus, you can hear our harrowing tales of parking lot creepozoids, Rachel’s insatiable cinematic blood lust and why Summer may actually be possessed…zoinks!

And stay tuned for the outtakes to hear our phone call with the undead who shares with us the highlights of his vacation in the Tragic…er…Magic Kingdom

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