Summer and I joined the fellas on The Horrorphilia Podcast. Jason, Gonzo, Jeremy and M.C. Chuck Conry were all in attendance to talk Killer Clowns From Outer Space, Clownhouse, IT, Drive Thru (ughhh), inappropriate touching, True Blood and sexy southern accents!


“We’re back with our latest and greatest episode yet. This show is jammed packed with talk of  killer clowns, pedophilia, rainbows, rubik’s cube and a few more surprises. Oh yeah with the help of a few ladies from the ZombieGrrlz Podcast we also manage to slur, I mean review some clown movies. Its our first killer clown episode and we review such treats such as Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Stephen King’s It, Drive Thru, and the controversial Clownhouse. All this plus you get to hear more of Chuck’s Sexy voice, Homey D Clown, Joe Pesci, and an important PSA. An epic episode you dont want to miss. Listen here on the blog or download from iTunes or go to our podomatic page.”

We had an amazing time with the guys…and it had nothing to do with the (several) too many cocktails we imbibed on the show… ahem…

But seriously these guys are great, if you aren’t already listening to the Horrorphilia Podcast show you should be!