We’re super excited to announce that our good friends over at Dead Lantern have released their second full feature length film, Outpost Doom, on DVD!

We reviewed it back in episode 14 of the podcast and all had a really good time with it. So you should check it out too—and pronto!

Heres the synopsis: Outpost Doom is an old-school throwback to horror of the ’40s and ’50s involving a group of people trapped inside of a barn as they are hunted by a tentacle monster…and something just as sinister within!

Check out this bonkers video of Deejay (of Splattercast fame) explaining why you need to own a copy!

Outpost Doom is available now at Deadlantern.com here. Support indie filmmakers!

P.S. WTF is a Barn Harder??? If you know, we demand the recipe!