And we’re back! Not even conflicting schedules, technical challenges or even actual childbirth (congrats to new zombie mom Brianne! And our newest and littlest… and, OK, cutest zombie grrl, Daisy!) couldn’t keep us away forever!

And what better way to get back into the podcasting groove than with a discussion of lady horror at its finest? In episode 16 all the girls return to talk about the suffocatingly claustrophobic critterfest, The Descent and its craptastic (in more way than one) sequel, The Descent 2. We kick the show off with some great debate about the I Spit on Your Grave remake but somehow end up talking poo… sigh…what can I say, there’s really something for everyone this time around.

Stay tuned for the outtakes to find out my dirty secret and to hear Summer talk shit about my cat (how dare you!)

Oh and here’s the Optimus Prime crane we discuss in the show, just Autobot’n it up out in the S.F. Bay…

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