Wow…the Basketcase franchise…just wow.

In episode 15 Summer, Ariel, and Rachel take on the infamous Basketcase series. We decided to do this episode marathon style, watching Basketcase, Basketcase II and Basketcase III back, to back, to gag inducing back, only taking breaks to record while the trauma was still fresh, and to fetch more beer. Needless to say there was plenty of drinking and Meatwad copulation talk.

We read some awesome listener mail (oh Explodey Jo will you just marry us already?), get pumped over the trailers for a few upcoming horror flicks and completely forget about videogame talk…oops!

Stay tuned for the outtakes to hear a snoring canine, Ariel’s shameful confession and witness a near zombie grrl death experience.

Brace your ears, they aren’t ready for “What’s in the Basket!”… you may need something to help steel yourself, we suggest

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